Every foundation is vulnerable to degradation. It can be adversely affected by movements of the soil underneath or surrounding it. Moisture or water is a common threat to foundation. Pooling, accumulation or stagnation or water in, on or around the foundation will weaken it and can prove to be dangerous for the property. Then there are weather extremes, any work you may have done on the foundation or installations, reinstallations, repairs and replacements that you may have invested in over the years might have had some impact on the foundation.

Foundation repair has to be holistic, and you should invest in a complete service that will include foundation repair or replacement, decontamination and basement finishing. Because you cannot just invest in foundation repair or replacement without identifying the cause and addressing that first. Furthermore, if you allow the causal factor to persist, then the new foundation will also be vulnerable to the same problem.

Since foundations serve as the base of strength and stability, house foundation construction is a job we take seriously. AG Western Construction Inc. has the technical expertise, experience, and manpower to build any foundation type for your custom home. No matter what size the foundation walls whether its a multi level residential properties or a large scale residential development, we can make it happen.



With safe and efficient methods, we dismantle structures, clearing the path for your renovation or construction plans. Our skilled team excels at navigating tight spaces and accessing challenging areas such as backyards and through gates. Therefore, when it’s time to bring down the old and make way for the new, trust our professional demolition services. Experience reliable, precise, and timely demolition services that set the stage for your next project, even if we are confronted with existing accessibility constraints.


Unleash the hidden potential of your construction project with our specialized excavation services. From digging trenches for water and gas lines to creating a solid foundation, we employ precise techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to shape the land according to your unique requirements. Our skilled team is backed by a mini-excavator, and that allow us to work within tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas, such as backyards and locations obstructed by gates.


The foundation of your house can crack, sink, move and be unsettled. It can be substantially damaged and hence be unstable. You will have to opt for immediate foundation repair in such cases. While it is normal to think that the problems are caused by some defects in construction or due to the use of poor quality materials, the real cause more often than not is deterioration. Experience the superior benefits of our foundation services, either in new or existing construction,  ensuring a solid foundation for your decks, sheds, additions, and more.


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Foundation repair is always challenging. There can be any number of problems. Some problems do not become apparent till the excavation has begun. The excavation itself is complicated. The entire property has to be in its upright place with no damage or vulnerability whatsoever as the affected part of the foundation and in some cases entire foundation gets repaired or replaced.

We have the expertise and the commitment to identify all problems and to recommend the most holistic solution.  Talk to us, we offer a free site inspection and nonobligatory consultation. Our quote is specific to your needs and nonobligatory too. There is no commitment, and discussing your needs and having us in the fray will allow you to get a lucid perspective.